Standard Connections

In my engineering firm we developed a set of connection standards to address a variety of steel framing conditions.  I published this and repeatedly cleaned up any RFI’s that were generated.  This is an example of “LEAN improvement” to an engineering process.  About 90% of typical commercial building connections are covered, both welded and bolted connections.

First Sheet (24x36)

First Sheet of Standard Connections (24×36) format

This second sheet is a continuation from the first sheet.   These two sheets work together on a project.  The connection types are developed from the flow chart to ensure that the design intent is met.  A full-depth single-angle connection is the philosophical starting point to simplify the number of beam types for a typical project.   Using 7/8″ diameter bolts, full depth, generally matches capacity for a 100 psf floor live loading with about 50 psf dead loading.  Great for commercial work.  For residential projects, you can use 3/4″ bolts.

Second Sheet (24x36)

Second Sheet of Standard Connections (24×36) format


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  1. Thank u sir …
    I have gone thru all the information given and its just very inspiring can enhance ones knowledge who is in Structural Detailing Field .Keep it up


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