LEAN Powerpoint: A Tribute to Anchor Bolts

Here is a link to download the Powerpoint on “LEAN applied to Engineering: A Tribute to Anchor Bolts”.  I suggest that you read this first to understand LEAN philosophy.  Then, the anchor bolt PDF will make a bit more sense.   I can also send you the DWG file. 

Here is the Powerpoint saved in PDF format:

Toyota Way adapted to Anchor Bolts

Here is a link to download the drawing file in PDF format.  Please contact me directly at bimstrategy@gmail.com for the Autocad Drawing File.  You can download the Anchor Bolt Drawing PDF at the link below:

Here is a JPG Graphic of the Anchor Bolt Drawing



I used LEAN to improve my office productivity.  I measured a 30% productivity increase with my staff during the implementation phase.  I would call LEAN a philosophy of improvement, and I am developing a workshop to teach LEAN, combined with BIM implementation, to consulting engineering and architecture firms.  Let me know if you are interested in this; contact me at bimstrategy@gmail.com and mention your interest in the “LEAN Workshop”.


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